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I have been working in a human resources career for over 20 years.    People is what I know.   People bring out the best in me and through coaching, I aim to bring out the best in you.    

You won't get "woo woo" with me, yes I am spiritual however, also very grounded and I also know that when we centre to our heart, everything in our life then makes sense.   

To be a successful coach, I too must be coached, and therefore I am coached on every aspect of my life.    Committing to my ongoing professional development with The Coaching Institute, and with my years of experience in work and life, I can offer you a coaching experience that is authentic and empowering.   

To have the life you want, you need to be willing to transform in your way of thinking, reactions, emotions, reflections, assumptions and perspectives.  

Coaching involves:

  • curiosity - let us be curious together; 

  • humour - laughter and light hearted conversations is healthy and an attractive;

  • support - it is unconditional, it is acknowledging that you are doing the best you can with your current resources available;

  • empathy - allowing me to explore your perception and knowledge of the world, it's your map and allowing you to enhance and understand your map; 

  • exploration - I probably won't know all the answers either, so the willingness to explore with you and ask the right questions will help us both to discover; 

  • listening - I can be used as sounding board.  I am present with you  in that very moment; 

  • goal setting - I will encourage you to set your goals and achieve them with proactive planning and action;  and

  • rapport - I will set up a professional, trusting and confidential relationship with you to enable you to feel comfortable in a safe space.

Coaching gives you clarity about what, why, how and when you want it.   It will enable to explore where you are now and where you want to be.  You will learn new tools, strategies and techniques to guide you on your journey to achieve your ultimate outcome.  You will discover your fears, obstacles, in addition to your passion and options.    Coaching will make you stronger, more confident, empowered and most importantly more loving and forgiving towards yourself.      

The first step to achieving what you want, is the willingness to know you need guidance to get there.   We can't do everything ourselves, although we like to think we can.   

Contact me for further information if you wish me to be your personal guide to your life's pathway.  

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