Universal Life Energy 

An ancient healing method, Reiki, is often known as the universal life energy or the energy of love.   

"Rei" is the universal life; and 

"Ki" is energy. 


Reiki is completely safe and is a pleasant and holistic method of healing and can compliment modern day society's medicine.   

I am trained in both Level 1 and 2 of Usui Shiki Ryōhō, System of Modern Reiki,  meaning "Usui's Spiritual energy style of therapy."  I am able to channel the universal life energy to the recipient in a beautiful calming environment.  In most cases, recipients of Reiki will feel a calm flowing effect of energy or sensation through their body, the most noticeable trait, is the warmth from the Reiki Practitioner's hands.   The recipient may also feel tingling, see colours, and overall just feel relaxed.  During a Reiki Healing, the energy will go to the body where it is required.   


Reiki can: 

  • be used on people, animals, crystals and plants;

  • increase and balance your energy; 

  • support your body's natural healing ability;

  • loosen and aid in the removal of blocked energy in the chakra system; 

  • release emotions; 

  • increase your level of awareness; 

  • vitalise your mind, body and soul; and 

  • be an uplifting experience. 

Bookings are essential.       

Please contact me directly to book in for a reiki healing session - Invoicing and Square online payments accepted prior to and on day of booking. 

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Reiki Healing/Treatment                                                                                                  $75 for 60 mins

Reiki Healing/Treatment with Light Language Healing                                         $85 for 70 mins

Intuitive Distance Readings (see below for further information)                       $80 per reading

Intuitive Distance Reading with Light Language Healing included                   $100 per reading

Mini Intuitive Distance Reading with Light Language Healing                            $40 per reading

In person intuitive reading - available weekends only                                          $120 per reading



Intuitive Readings

I have several guides plus a master guide. I like to call these spiritual readings rather than psychic mediumship readings as spiritual embodies everything about us - our essence and our energy.

My readings are undertaken by distance and in person.  Bookings are essential for in person readings.

For distance readings, upon booking, I will ask you for a photograph of yourself (face only, from shoulders above, preferably only you in the photo, and "selfies" are accepted).  Readings are usually undertaken with a two (2) week turnaround. If there is a delay in the reading being undertaken you will be informed. Please note and appreciate, I only undertake the readings when my energy is clear and grounded. This is to ensure I serve you 100% in my reading.

For your reading, I meditate with your photograph. During the reading, I use Angel Oracle Cards to continue the energy flow. I hear, I see and I feel. The messages I receive for you are based on the energy at that point in time of tapping into your energy.

Please remember you are always open to free will. Decisions you make every day, can change your path.

You will receive a reading that goes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes voice recorded (equivalent to 45 to 60 mins face to face). The recording will be emailed to your preferred email address immediately once it is undertaken.  Mini readings (approx 7 mins) are also available (equivalent to 20 to 30 mins face to face).    You may also add light language healing to a reading.   

Please note, I very rarely recall your reading - this is because I am citing the messages I receive immediately. The messages you receive are relevant for you at that point in time of your life. The messages may relate to your past, your present and/or your future. Some messages will instantly make sense, some may make sense later and some may not make sense at all because free will has come in and you have taken a different path.


What is light langauge? 

Light language is otherwise known as soul language. It is derived from my past lives and spiritual realms - it is such a beautiful and uplifting language and when undertaken in the 8th dimension, I channel the message specifically to provide you with healing for your purpose/intent.


It is not about understanding the words, but listening to the frequency, the sounds, and feeling the energy. It is predominantly felt by your soul and can be received with joy, peace, or sadness.


Some practitioners will speak, sing, use hand signs, draw or write light language. Crop circles are commonly known as light language with their codes and inscriptions.


My predominant trait is speaking light language. I have completed my Level 1 and Level 2 with a qualified and experienced Shamanic Practitioner.


Interested? Why not add a light language healing on a intuitive reading, or have a mini reading with a light language healing.

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