Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Let’s talk briefly about signs.

We are all energy and even when our loved ones pass their energy continues. When the vibration and frequency is right and you are open to it you may receive a sign - the signs are your loved ones way of communicating with you - letting you know they still see and hear you, still love you and to aid in your healing process.

Signs may be in the form of synchronicities such as numbers, butterflies, feathers, smells, dreams, coins on the ground, number plates, billboards, clouds, birds, dragonflies and there can be many more.

I personally love looking to the skies for signs. Nature and the clouds can be such powerful tools for our loved ones to connect to us.

My pop most often, will show that he is with me through the vision of an eagle. I have seen signs from my pop with the number plate lofty, and more recently I had asked in my mind - "Pop, am I on the right path in life" - within 5 minutes, I looked up towards the beautiful sky and in the distance I saw the eagle.

I have seen signs from my precious little niece who passed, she comes as butterflies to me, my nan comes as one single white butterfly.

When my beautiful beloved Noah, my furbaby passed away approximately 2 weeks later I was given a sign from him - at that specific moment I was thinking about him and I looked up and there he was - clouds formation of a dog - he was reaching out. My spiritual knowledge, especially knowledge of signs makes me feel warm inside when a loved one passes as I see signs so often.

Have warmth knowing that if you have received a sign, your loved one is connecting and communicating with you xo

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