Self Love

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

  • you are unique

  • there is no other you

  • you spend 100% of time with yourself

  • stop comparing to others

  • stop being hard on yourself

  • walk and talk your truth

  • set boundaries with those that do not serve you

  • understand your fears

  • believe in yourself

  • trust yourself

  • make “me” time

  • be patient and kind with yourself

  • do not settle for less

  • know your worth and value

If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect to love others. Love starts with you. Every single thing about you is beautiful - you are here for a purpose and it all begins with you.

So hug yourself, take yourself out on dates, nourish yourself, be vain, love absolute every single atom of yourself because you are you you need to love you as loving yourself is the absolute pure essence of your own well-being and happiness.

It won’t happen overnight but with practice it will happen in time. That’s when the magic shines

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