Every single person experiences emotion.

Emotions are the ultimate human experience! How we feel connected to ourselves especially our emotions, defines how we connect with others.

To understand our emotions we need to not suppress them. To fully love yourself, you need to embrace every single emotion including the uncomfortable ones - those emotions that challenge you and provoke a response in you. They are not negative emotions as they enable you to grow and develop.

The most common examples of emotions a human will experience are joy, anger, sadness, surprise, fear and of course love.

Emotions are directly linked to our thoughts and feelings. Our response to everyday life is driven by emotion. To be in tune with your emotion means you are able to serve yourself to your full potential as well as those you come into contact with daily.

In essence, it is a state of mind, body and soul.

So don’t shut down with the emotion, don’t suppress it, don't let it spiral out of control. Rather feel it, work your way through it, as that is the way to living a fulfilled life rather than just existing in life.

Embrace, learn and grow !

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