About me


Jody Goldring  


Empowerment and Transformational Life Coach (The Coaching Institute) 

Reiki Practitioner

Intuitive Spiritual Lightworker


Authenticity:  what you see is what you get.

Curiosity:  to explore, know and learn.

Respect:  for myself and others.

Integrity:  to be honest and have strong moral principles.

Love:  for myself, family, goals, life, others and to be kind, compassionate and understanding.

Spirituality:  mind, body, spirit and soul connection.


I am :

  • worthy.

  • lovable.

  • confident.

  • powerful.

As a Coach

Growing up, I always had a strong sense of intuition, a passion for achieving my goals and a need to assist others.   My journey in life has been a rollercoaster ride on many levels, both earthly and spiritual, however every single path, pain, love and experience has led me to here.

A quiet achiever for most of my school years, I was an individual determined to achieve my goals.   Having grown up in a low socio economic background, I was empowered by loving grandparents to achieve a life of success and most importantly to value who I am as a person.   For over 20 years, I have enjoyed working in roles within the Government and community sectors predominantly with people in the human resources realm.    My passion is people, watching them grow, experience life and achieve their goals.     I am a down to earth person, and will say it as it, and from the heart.   As an intuitive lightworker and a coach, I aim to empower people to live a life aligned to their own values and beliefs - their own purpose.  It is such an uplifting and empowering moment when you see a person achieve a goal they are so passionate about achieving.   

I am very much the person who knows that your relationship with your self does determine your relationship with others.  It also determines everything you do and are - career, health, hobbies, intimate partner, finances, friendships, family and absolutely everything else that life has to offer.   My goal is to assist people like you reading this, to call yourself out on that which no longer serves you, and start stepping into the light and being true to yourself. As an empowerment and transformational life coach, I know by living my life to my own purpose, I can provide guidance and inspiration (whether it's a little or alot) to those who wish to live their life to their own purpose.

I have passion for committing and maintaining excellence. I continuously contribute to my own professional and spiritual development, as although I have a wealth of experience of my own journey in life including my career, there is always room for improvement and development.  Most importantly, I am an associate member of the International Coaching Guild and use their Code of Ethics and Core Competencies as a minimum benchmark within my coaching work.


As an Intuitive Lightworker 

As an intuitive lightworker, my task is to lead and empower you into your own being, the messages received from my beautiful guides are to enable you to live a life of fulfilment and meaning, and to enable you to centre and ground yourself to move you towards your life purpose. I have had intuition from as early as I remember and I would just feel and know things.

My lightwork involves the following skillsets:

  • Clairaudient - lets just make it basic terms, I hear sounds and words. This is my dominant trait. If I don't pick up an important message in my reading, my guides like to throw it in my face - sometimes they do get impatient with me.

  • Clairvoyance - my seeing is more through the sight of moving pictures - I can see passed loved ones come through, however, many do like to come to me more at night and have a chat or a message to send someone.

  • Clairsentient - I sense and feel - during readings, I can feel pain, pressure, past trauma.

  • Claircognizant - I just know it, I can't explain how, however I have a clear sense of knowing it. 


Overall, my lightwork is about love, self love most most of all.

My lightwork has taken me into the world of spirituality and many things, I cannot explain, I just know. I don't need fancy textbooks, although they are good to read, however, I prefer to go with my intuition as in my opinion, many of those books are written for the purpose of the author. You will note I don't use the books supplied with oracle cards, I trust the message from my guides to provide you with the clarity you are seeking.

I am forever enhancing my development, through training development workshops and practice, with recent training in Light Language and as a Reiki Practitioner.   I ensure I learn from the best, experienced practitioners in their field, and those who can assist me with enhancing my natural abilities.  


My spiritual work guided me into the path of becoming an empowerment and transformational life coach.   Through many of my readings, I was finding many people were coming back to me seeking guidance on healing. 

Predominantly I undertake my spiritual readings by distance, through utilising a photograph I am able to connect with your energy to deliver a beauitiful intuitive message.  

I love my gift and to share that gift with others is an amazing feeling.   

Just remember, it's ok to be lost, to be down, but what's not ok is to stay there, because you, yes, you - have so much to offer in this world, you just haven't realised your potential yet.

So on a last note, as my mantra goes

~ value who you are ~

In summary

My focus as a spiritual wellness practitioner and life coach, is based on the philosophy of mind, body, spirit and soul.   

My readings are powerful in healing messages, and if combined with reiki and coaching, my clients tend to step

into an empowerment of their own, focusing on healing and transformation, enabling them to live in congruence

with their values, and their soul purpose.   

The holistic approach I take in guiding people to discover their purpose is summarised by the following of the mind,

body, spirit and soul: 

  • The mind - is our ego, our computer here on earth. It takes in the information, filters it by deleting, distorting and generalises the information in accordance with our values, beliefs, memories, decisions etc.

  • The body - is our vessel here on Earth, it is our shell. It protects us, it houses our mind and soul whilst our spirit communicates to it.

  • The spirit - is our communication channel - it is our frequency and vibration - our aura - it enables our soul, mind and body to connect.

  • The soul - is our true selves, us as energy. Our soul will live numerous lifetimes whereas our physical body doesn't.  Our soul is here for the journey - the experiences and growth that we can give it. The soul is our essence, our truth. Speaking from the heart, you will speak your truth

mind body soul spirit.png